Roku Gin

When we think of Gin, one thing comes to mind right off the bat – a spirit that more often than not, is complemented by tonic water. Truth be told, a ‘Gin & Tonic’ or G&T would be right up there with the likes of ever-popular drinks such as the Martini or a Long Island Tea. Yet, very rarely would the focus be on Gin itself, which is somewhat understandable considering the nature and most common usage of the spirit as a base for a cocktail instead of a standalone drink.

When we take into account the origins of Gin and its early uses as a medicinal liquor, it becomes decidedly less surprising that Gin, on its own, has not fared well in the popularity circuit as compared to the “cocktail version” since its introduction in the early 17th Century.

Fast forward to the present day and we bear witness to a substantial shift in attitudes and perception towards the distilled alcoholic beverage predominantly flavored by juniper berries that is gin. Aside from the various modes of production and countless different additions of botanicals, spices, or even fruit for flavor, gin now stands in its own class. And Roku Gin, almost a household name in Asia, is top of that class.


Japanese Craft Gin - A Brief History

Before Suntory, Shinjiro Torii’s dream of creating something uniquely Japanese in the form of spirits gave life to the Torii Shoten Store. The store opened its doors for business in 1899 and it was there that Shinjiro, then aged 20, started his quest to create everything from wine, whisky, brandy, and of course, gin, with Japan’s surrounding nature and people in mind.

As with all attempts at ‘chasing the dream’ as it were, overcoming obstacles and hardships came hand in hand during his journey. Undeterred, Shinjiro and his successors continually added on to their mounting knowledge of alcohol distillation before eventually creating the first Suntory gin in 1936 – the Hermes Gin.

The House of Suntory as it also became known, stayed true to its everlasting vision of crafting quintessentially Japanese spirits to this day. The masterful creation of Roku, which stands on the shoulders of more than 100 years of expertise and history, is a testament to their relentless pursuit of perfection.


Roku (Six) Japanese Botanicals

As they say, “It’s all in the name” and you guessed it, the Japanese word Roku translates to the number six. This was purposefully done to indicate the number of authentic Japanese botanicals that live within each bottle of Roku Gin, all sourced and harvested from only the very best growing areas Japan has to offer. Couple this with the uniquely-Suntory multiple distillation process- a result of wanting to showcase each individual botanical, and you have a perfectly balanced mix.


A Whiff of Japan

Originally intended to represent all four seasons, it starts with the underlying aroma of Spring and Summer that definitely sticks with you. Well, a Japanese Summer that is, with notes of Cherry Blossom and an overall sweet, floral scent.

Obviously, the aromas playing on your nostrils are more apparent when poured out neat and much less so after dilution with tonic water. And why would you undermine the star of the show in the first place, with gin that would turn even the most hardened G&T lovers into believers. If you absolutely must, then at the very least, take a courtesy sip of the water-clear, colorless liquid as a hats off to enjoying the drink as the chef intended. 


The Taste Palate 

In your courtesy sip, you might just be amazed at the complete continuation of aroma. Simply put, whatever you experienced in smell is almost exactly what you would experience in taste, and more. On top of a traditional gin taste in the base, your palate will be buzzing with the complex but harmonious flavors of botanicals with Yuzu being the easiest to identify from the lot as a top note. The warmth and spiciness from the Japanese Sansho pepper and dryness towards the finish from the teas which includes green tea, is reminiscent of Autumn bringing you to the end of your journey through the seasons.


Roku Bottle – A Sight to Behold

When it comes to packaging, the vessel housing this artisan gin is a work of art by itself. And we expect nothing less from the Japanese. As if to drive the point home even further, the six botanicals used in the gin are proudly embossed on the glass bottle it comes in; a sleek, clear, hexagonal (because, six sides) bottle tapered at the top where the mouth is.

Clearly a calculated design decision, this is a bottle for keeps once you are done polishing off every last drop. In true Japanese artisan fashion, the centuries-old tradition of meticulous attention to detail remains unwavering in the face of an ever changing landscape. Everything from the rich history to the methods used, even down to the consumption journey and packaging is downright impeccable.


Roku Gin Singapore 

Amid all the non-travelling we are doing during this pandemic, we can rest easy knowing that it is indeed still possible to procure a little piece of Japan for ourselves. And in the spirit of other pandemic habits, you can even have a bottle of Roku Gin delivered right to your doorstep when you order with us. Still not convinced? Cellarbration offers free alcohol delivery when you meet a minimum order so grab some other gins to try and compare for yourselves! Experience still reigns as the best teacher, and we can assure you a more insightful experience the next time you try a bottle of Roku Gin.