1. Drunken Masters - Great writers who drank heavily

    Drunken Masters

    If experience is the muse of a musician, then alcohol is a writer’s muse.

    Throughout history, there have been many famous authors who were known to always have a glass in hand, sometimes even more so than the pen. This, they often claim, is the source of their inspiration and motivation to write a compelling piece. And we can’t exactly blame them.

    For these great writers, the constant alcohol influence might have spurred on their creativity, although it also brought them many health issues. Let’s start with the first on our list, well-known around the world for The Great Gatsby.

    Scott Fitzgerald

    Fitzgerald had been an alcoholic since his university days and this continued on even in his adulthood. He and his wife, Zelda, loved to drink gin rickey, a drink that was made up of gin, lime juice, and club soda. In fact, alcoholics were prominently featured in many of his novels as well.

    His alcohol addiction worsened in the 1920s, where everyone knew him for his heavy drinking habits. As such, Fitzgerald was riddled with poor health until 1940 when he had an alcohol-related heart attack while waiting for a visit from his doctor. He was only 44 years old.

    Edgar Allan Poe

    One of America’s most well-known poets and writers, Poe’s brilliant works such as The Raven, The Tell-tale Heart an

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  2. Alcohol Tax in Singapore - The Breakdown

    alcohol tax singapore

    Alcohol in Singapore doesn’t come cheap — this much we already knew. But did you know that Singapore currently ranks as the 3rd most expensive city in the world to purchase beer?

    According to GoEuro’s 2016 Beer Price Index, one beer alone will cost you an estimate of US$5.75 in Singapore. Falling just behind Hong Kong and Lausanne, Switzerland, Singapore’s beers weigh hefty on our wallets. Want to know exactly why our alcohol is so ridiculously expensive? Well, let us break it down for you.

    The Hassle of Alcohol Import 

    Alcohol Import Permit

    In order to import alcohol from overseas, one must obtain a permit. According to the Regulation of Import and Export regulations, this can cost up to $100. Moreover, the permit fee does not include other miscellaneous fees and rates such as service fees, application fees, and more. For more information on the breakdown of such costs, visit the link here.

    After getting the proper permits and licensing requirements, the next step is to find a supplier which you can import alcohol from. 

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  3. Puss in Booze - What Makes A Drink “Girly”?

    Girly Booze

    An unspoken know-how that we have all picked up from drinking outside of our homes is the ability to cherry-pick a drink off a boozy repertoire that befits the occasion. At times, you find yourself stressing over the fact that what you order can actually communicate something about you. 

    Be it a first date or a buddy hangout, if you’re a dude, I know you’ve learnt to skim past anything that speaks brightly-coloured, sweet mixes and even lord forbid— fruit garnishes, on the menu. If you don’t, my bets are that you’re female or just one confident man.

    It’s infrequent that we see lads sipping on a pink-bodied mix, propped in a stemmed glass, or a lady tippling down some neat Scotch (Copper Dog is a popular choice) at the bar. In this age of the metrosexual chap, sexism seems to remain unremarked in the world of liquor. However, this time with men at the shorter end of the stick. Women pulling off “manlier” drinks rises in everyone’s estimation, but it is quite the opposite for the man with an appletini. Fret not mate, let’s get you covered -- what exactly makes a drink “girly”?


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