1. Stashed Away - Storing Alcohol Safely At Home

    stashed away alcohols

    If you’ve bought alcohol before, chances are, you were unable to finish them in one sitting. That’s normal. Even after a house party, your friends might feel too buzzed to finish off that last bit of whiskey you have on your shelf. Some even tell you they’re not going to drink at all, because they need to drive.

    Storing alcohol is something common that we find ourselves doing once we get in the habit of buying our own bottles. While it’s not something that we actively do everyday, storing alcohol the wrong way can lead it to turn bad.

    In fact, unopened bottles and opened bottles should be stored differently. Due to oxidation, opened wine can deteriorate over time and lose its flavour and colour. Therefore, certain spirits and wines should be refrigerated once opened.

    Storage Temperature

    Distilled spirits

    For most distilled spirits such as vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and tequila, they should be stored at room temperature. Keeping them in a cool place does preserve them a little longer, though putting them in a freezer or refrigerator does not extend their shelf life by a drastic amount. Rather, most people put their alcohol in the freezer because they want to serve it chilled.

    Fortified wines

    The only exception to this rule are fortified wines, such as vermouth, or crea

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  2. House Pour Wines - A Lost Trend

    house pour wines

    Are they any good? That ambiguous drink listed on a restaurant menu that has no indication of what it actually is. With its low price point, many tend to write it off as low quality wine that has been left untouched on the shelf.

    But what exactly is a house pour wine?

    A Restaurant’s Signature

    Just like “soup of the day”, the house pour wine differs depending on the restaurant you go to. Most restaurants have both a red and a white available for your choosing, to cater to their customers’ different preferences.

    House pour wines can be sold by the glass, by the carafe, or by the bottle. While it used to be a popular concept, house pour wines have become less trendy as restaurants started coming up with a diverse wine list to cater to all their customers. This took away the distinct point of it being a house pour wine, one that was unique only to that specific restaurant. Nevertheless, if you ever come across one, you should have a go at it as you will not find that blend anywhere else.

    Standard Pours

    Just like all wines that are served in a restaurant, house pour wines are submitted to the standard pour as well. Though a standard pour may differ slightly depending on the restaurant or server, the rule of thumb is that a standard pour would generally be about 150ml (5 ounces).

    This helps standardise the amount of wine that should be served despite the variety of wine glasses that exist. Since the different shapes

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  3. Alcohol Tax in Singapore - The Breakdown

    alcohol tax singapore

    Alcohol in Singapore doesn’t come cheap — this much we already knew. But did you know that Singapore currently ranks as the 3rd most expensive city in the world to purchase beer?

    According to GoEuro’s 2016 Beer Price Index, one beer alone will cost you an estimate of US$5.75 in Singapore. Falling just behind Hong Kong and Lausanne, Switzerland, Singapore’s beers weigh hefty on our wallets. Want to know exactly why our alcohol is so ridiculously expensive? Well, let us break it down for you.

    The Hassle of Alcohol Import 

    Alcohol Import Permit

    In order to import alcohol from overseas, one must obtain a permit. According to the Regulation of Import and Export regulations, this can cost up to $100. Moreover, the permit fee does not include other miscellaneous fees and rates such as service fees, application fees, and more. For more information on the breakdown of such costs, visit the link here.

    After getting the proper permits and licensing requirements, the next step is to find a supplier which you can import alcohol from. 

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  4. Puss in Booze - What Makes A Drink “Girly”?

    Girly Booze

    An unspoken know-how that we have all picked up from drinking outside of our homes is the ability to cherry-pick a drink off a boozy repertoire that befits the occasion. At times, you find yourself stressing over the fact that what you order can actually communicate something about you. 

    Be it a first date or a buddy hangout, if you’re a dude, I know you’ve learnt to skim past anything that speaks brightly-coloured, sweet mixes and even lord forbid— fruit garnishes, on the menu. If you don’t, my bets are that you’re female or just one confident man.

    It’s infrequent that we see lads sipping on a pink-bodied mix, propped in a stemmed glass, or a lady tippling down some neat Scotch (Copper Dog is a popular choice) at the bar. In this age of the metrosexual chap, sexism seems to remain unremarked in the world of liquor. However, this time with men at the shorter end of the stick. Women pulling off “manlier” drinks rises in everyone’s estimation, but it is quite the opposite for the man with an appletini. Fret not mate, let’s get you covered -- what exactly makes a drink “girly”?


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    Quality is always sought after - but at what price tag point do you start paying for good wines? These lines are often blurred, especially in today’s modern age and particularly with wine, where most wines are actually pretty good; to the point that wine experts can be fooled (sometimes). Let’s take you on a journey to find the edge of where the greatest deals are greatest

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    We’ve all heard the myths before - there are different drinks for different occasions. Getting ready to party? Break out the tequila! Staying in for a dark night of emotion and melancholy? Best sip on a glass of gin for the night. But to what extent are these myths true - do different drinks make you feel high differently? 

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    With a bunch of festive meals to start the new year, one might drown in the diverse range of wine options available in your local wine shop from red to sparkling - and to further confuse a wine amateur, there are also different types of red, white, rosė and sparkling wine! We know how daunting stepping into the wine universe can be; even wine connoisseurs had to start somewhere. Fret not, here is Wine 101: everything you need to know about wine basics - from the differences between major types of wine to how to properly store and care for them. 

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