Cellarbration Bistro Launch

    Are you tired of scouring Singapore for the perfect place to eat and drink to your heart’s content? Or maybe just bored with your usual hangout spot and in need of a new space to unwind? Well, whatever the case, fret not, because we’ve got good news for you.

    Cellarbration Singapore is excited to announce that our newest Bistro and Bottle Shop is now open. Conveniently located in the bustling Boat Quay district, along the iconic Lorong Telok stretch, the bistro is open to all for casual dining and drinks.

    A Bistro With A Twist

    Like most bistros, you can expect to be greeted by a family-friend environment with both indoor and sheltered alfresco seating when visiting us. Don’t be mistaken though - because we’re much more than your conventional establishment.

    Cellarbration Bistro and Bottle Shop

    Let your wine breathe fresh air and relax in our alfresco seating area.

    Cellarbration Bistro and Botte Shop

    Indoor seating is also available for those looking for a more intimate setting to enjoy their food and drinks.

    Doubling as a bottle shop

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  2. Alcohol Control Act Singapore: Why It Matters

    Alcohol control act Singapore

    We’ve all heard that popular saying before, especially among the locals- “Singapore is a fine city”. Who could ignore the obvious, and if I do say so myself, perfect, double entendre to signify both excellence as well as an amount of money to be paid as punishment for not obeying the law? If you don’t already know, Singapore is notorious for the latter. Well to be fair, also the former (thus the whole perfect double entendre bit).

    We employ the use of fines as a deterrent for most situations whether it be speeding, littering, and even Chewing Gum. Despite drawing flak and tongue-in-cheek ridicule from visiting tourists and Singaporeans themselves, there is an undeniable reason for their popularity- they work

    It comes as no surprise that this also applies to alcohol and alcohol consumption in Singapore. And we’re not just talking about sellers having to pay a hefty fine for selling to persons who are not of legal drinking age either (the age for drinking in Singapore legally is 18 in case you’re wondering).


    Drinking Culture in Singapore

    To understand how the latest restrictions came to be, we must first take a quick detour into understanding what the local drinking culture is like. Singaporeans, in general, still hold dear the idea of “cheap and good”. This is not true for everyone of course and in fact, we have seen an increase of fancy bars and watering holes around town, even more inclusive “bars” that spe

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  3. Fuss-free and Tasty: Irish Coffee Reinvented

    Irish Coffee & Whisky

    We would like to think that since you are reading this, you might be following up on our previous ‘Fuss-free’ article. While you are still more than welcome to read ahead if that is not the case, we do recommend a quick read through our previous piece as a prelude and to offer some context.

    That said, as promised, let’s jump straight into a recommended recipe you can try at home if you consider yourself an adventurous drinker who is past the tried and tested cocktail kits or ready-made options available and yet not too bothered about getting processes exactly right (i.e lazy).

    It is imperative however, that we first set some definitions and boundaries on what we consider “fuss-free”.


    Easy-to-make Concoctions 

    The idea of a “fuss-free” concoction in our book can be characterized by:

    -   Simple, easy to find ingredients

    -   A bias towards ready-made as opposed to made-from-scratch (in most cases)

    -   Non-com

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  4. The Japanese Highball - Easy or Fussy It's Still Fancy

    Japanese Highball Cocktails

    If ever there was a cocktail for the lazy, the Highball, essentially made with one part whiskey, three-part club soda and some ice, would fit the bill. Yet this simple drink can be one of the fussiest, high precision and elegant cocktails you can drink. 

    What many consider to be an easy cocktail, not worth fussing over, is endlessly perfected by the Japanese. Even though the highball was not originally invented by them, they certainly made it their own. 

    The spirit of perfection is what results in the invention of the highball machine. The highball machine, invented by local brand, Suntory, is created to guarantee quality highball every time straight from the tap. According to Cameron Pirret, Australian Brand Ambassador for Beam Suntory, the machines are now ubiquitous across Japan - further stating that the Highball is a national love for Japanese alcohol culture.

    But Highball is not just popular amongst the Japanese. Pirret believes that apart from a worldwide love for all things Japanese, the rising trend of health-conscious consumers, ease of execution and the highball’s low ABV and sugar content props the drink as an all-time favourite. 

    An Everyday Drink to High Cocktail Art

    You may wonder, how exactly does the Japanese turn this everyday two-part drink into a ritualistic art form? Well, it is through the meticulous care and concern lavished on every aspect of the drink -  From ingredients to glassware and preparation techniques.

    The Japanese way to a better highball

    Hand Carved ice

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  5. Whisky/Whiskey Age Statement - Old Does not Mean Gold

    Whisky Age Statement

    The world of "aqua vitae", or the "Water of Life '' - Whisky, is built on legacy. Scottish distilleries tout over 300 years of histories with the earliest distillery dating back to 1690. It is no surprise that legacy and more specifically age is commonly used to identify a whisky's quality. There is also a prevailing idea that when it comes to price, it is “normal” to pay more for older whiskies.

    As the whisky/whiskey world evolves and expands, we now have bottles produced from new and unexpected countries. Multiple distilleries from around the world are arguing that when it comes to the quality of whiskies/whiskeys, it isn't so much about how long the whiskey ages but where and how the bottle is produced. 

    With the myriad of techniques and processes proliferating amongst consumers, the whisky/whiskey age statement is slowly losing its credibility as a quality indicator. So to those of us who are still allowing the age of a bottle to justify quality and purchase price, it is high time we bear the knowledge and make our quality stance when purchasing the golden liquid. Remember, old does not always mean gold.

    Whisky/Whiskey Aging 101

    Before diving into the complexities of whisky aging and the role of techniques in determining a bottle’s quality, here is a primer.

    Mandated Age Required for Whisky/Whiskey Varietals

    Most whiskeys are required to age in wooden barrels for a minimum amount of time but most distilleries choose to exceed mandated time frames to achieve the taste profile they want to develop.

    Two Year

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  6. The Hottest (or coolest) Bars in Singapore in 2021

    Bars in Singapore

    Local Understated Bars, Speakeasies

    Have you ever heard of a speakeasy? Speakeasies are hidden bars that get their clientele only through word-of-mouth. Back in the 1920s, bars were prohibited from operating in the United States, which gave birth to speakeasies — illegal drinking houses that had to keep a low profile. 

    Many bars in Singapore are well known for their exclusive drinks and luxury experience. However, there are more understated bars in Singapore than you would think! These bars, though understated, each add their own distinctive touch to the local cocktail scene.

    These 12 bars in Singapore are definitely worth visiting, from their distinct concepts to their remarkable selection of beverages.

    Tippling Club
    (Image courtesy of worldsbestbars.com)

    Tippling Club

    Tippling Club keeps its customers coming back with its ever-changing menu, all featuring drinks that never disappoint. Their bartenders certainly know how to mix it up! However, the most interesting thing about this bar isn’t just their beverage menu.

    With cocktail-flavoured gummy bears that customers can try beforehand, it is impossible to order a drink that does not suit your palate in Tippling Club! Though these gummy bars manage to capture the taste of each cocktail perfectly, they are non-alcoholic. Try it for yourself — then pick the drink that you think you’d like best!

    Address: 38 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088461

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  7. All Bundled Up - A Guide to Cellarbration Bundles

    cellarbration bundles

    Cellarbration Bundle Deals

    Like it or not, the recent “Heightened Phase 3” period has made us all a little more acquainted with ourselves. At the beginning of this period, we found ourselves bingeing TV series and movies on our to-watch list, doing some much-needed spring cleaning, and realising banana cake recipes we saw on Facebook and Instagram.

    However, as the weeks passed and our to-do list started emptying, we began to explore the realm of day-drinking; a few sips of soju while watching The Girl From Nowhere, or a glass of wine while preparing lunch never hurt anybody after all, right? You began to understand the allure of drinking at home; you were drinking more, but yet somehow seemed to spend less than when you were drinking out.

    What if I told you that you could make even greater savings on top of what you’ve already saved by staying home (and staying safe)?

    Well, here at Cellarbration, maximising your enjoyment at a minimal price point is our mission. If you’re an ardent follower of our Facebook pages and recent promotions, you’ve probably noticed a rise in the number of bundles that we’ve been pushing across. We understand that this may be slightly confusing to the newbie buyer -- especially considering the wide variety of bundles Cellarbration now offers. No worries, we’ve taken the liberty to highlight some of our favourite deals for you!


    Tanqueray Bundle 

    $68 for 700ML Tanqueray Rangpur & 4 x 200ML Fever Tree Indian Tonic


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  8. The Toasting Toastmaster: The Many Faces of “Cheers”


    “Cheers” is likely the most common phrase we toast with. Did you know, the culture of toasting comes from Roman origins; where the host would often pour himself a drink from a shared pitcher of wine to show that the wine wasn’t poisoned, before toasting his guests and asking them to join him.

    The toast has since evolved and bled into many cultures. Here are some ways to toast in different languages!

    Spanish: Salud (sa-lood)

    You’ve probably caught a whiff of this toast in the cinema or while binge watching a TV series. Salud means “Salute” and wishes of good health in Spanish, although this can carry over to many other languages. For example, a common toast in Italian -- Salud also means the same thing.

    Hebrew: L’chaim (le-cha-im)

    Put simply, L’chaim means “To life” in Hebrew. This toast is often used at Jewish gatherings, such as Bar/Bat mitzvahs or weddings. 

    Gaelic: Sláinte (slawn-che)

    A common toast in Ireland, Scotland, and Isle of Man, sláinte means wishes of good health. One way to offer this toast is with a fantastic Islay whisky: Laphroaig 10 YO

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  9. Drinking Traditions Around the World

    alcohol drinking traditions

    Alcohol often acts as a central bastion of cultures all around the world. Through centuries of socialisation, many cultures consume alcohol, but in very different contexts. 

    Here at Cellarbration, we do a considerable amount of research into the background of each product we provide. In our hours of reading and writing, we often find ourselves enamoured by the fact that despite each culture being rather different in more ways than one, we always find ourselves tied, as a species, to an innate relationship to alcohol. 

    Regardless, this relationship manifests very differently from society to society. Indeed, today’s modernised world has led to the blurring of some of these traditions, but today we’ll take a short trip around the world to see how different cultures enjoy alcoholic beverages. 

    Alcohol Culture in Korea

    Korea has a very distinct drinking culture that through popular media, has now been thoroughly propagated through the rest of the world. 

     As you may know, Korean society hinges on respect for seniors, and this respect carries over to the drinking arena. When drinking with a social group, the first glass of drink is poured by the most senior person at the table. 

    This seniority may extend pass age; if you’re drinking with your colleagues and your superior/manager is younger than you, they would be expected to pour the first glass for everyone.

    For the rest of the night, however, the youngest of the group would have the responsibility of filling everyone’s glasses. 

    Should you find yourself in the position to pour/receive a drink, take note that there is etiquette to observe! Two hands should

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  10. Stashed Away - Storing Alcohol Safely At Home

    stashed away alcohols

    If you’ve bought alcohol before, chances are, you were unable to finish them in one sitting. That’s normal. Even after a house party, your friends might feel too buzzed to finish off that last bit of whiskey you have on your shelf. Some even tell you they’re not going to drink at all, because they need to drive.

    Storing alcohol is something common that we find ourselves doing once we get in the habit of buying our own bottles. While it’s not something that we actively do everyday, storing alcohol the wrong way can lead it to turn bad.

    In fact, unopened bottles and opened bottles should be stored differently. Due to oxidation, opened wine can deteriorate over time and lose its flavour and colour. Therefore, certain spirits and wines should be refrigerated once opened.

    Storage Temperature

    Distilled spirits

    For most distilled spirits such as vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and tequila, they should be stored at room temperature. Keeping them in a cool place does preserve them a little longer, though putting them in a freezer or refrigerator does not extend their shelf life by a drastic amount. Rather, most people put their alcohol in the freezer because they want to serve it chilled.

    Fortified wines

    Vermouth Bailey's Irish Cream


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