1. Alcohol Control Act Singapore: Why It Matters

    Alcohol control act Singapore

    We’ve all heard that popular saying before, especially among the locals- “Singapore is a fine city”. Who could ignore the obvious, and if I do say so myself, perfect, double entendre to signify both excellence as well as an amount of money to be paid as punishment for not obeying the law? If you don’t already know, Singapore is notorious for the latter. Well to be fair, also the former (thus the whole perfect double entendre bit).

    We employ the use of fines as a deterrent for most situations whether it be speeding, littering, and even Chewing Gum. Despite drawing flak and tongue-in-cheek ridicule from visiting tourists and Singaporeans themselves, there is an undeniable reason for their popularity- they work

    It comes as no surprise that this also applies to alcohol and alcohol consumption in Singapore. And we’re not just talking about sellers having to pay a hefty fine for selling to persons who are not of legal drinking age either (the age for drinking in Singapore legally is 18 in case you’re wondering).


    Drinking Culture in Singapore

    To understand how the latest restrictions came to be, we must first take a quick detour into understanding what the local drinking culture is like. Singaporeans, in general, still hold dear the idea of “cheap and good”. This is not true for everyone of course and in fact, we have seen an increase of fancy bars and watering holes around town, even more inclusive “bars” that spe

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  2. The Hottest (or coolest) Bars in Singapore in 2021

    Bars in Singapore

    Local Understated Bars, Speakeasies

    Have you ever heard of a speakeasy? Speakeasies are hidden bars that get their clientele only through word-of-mouth. Back in the 1920s, bars were prohibited from operating in the United States, which gave birth to speakeasies — illegal drinking houses that had to keep a low profile. 

    Many bars in Singapore are well known for their exclusive drinks and luxury experience. However, there are more understated bars in Singapore than you would think! These bars, though understated, each add their own distinctive touch to the local cocktail scene.

    These 12 bars in Singapore are definitely worth visiting, from their distinct concepts to their remarkable selection of beverages.

    Tippling Club
    (Image courtesy of worldsbestbars.com)

    Tippling Club

    Tippling Club keeps its customers coming back with its ever-changing menu, all featuring drinks that never disappoint. Their bartenders certainly know how to mix it up! However, the most interesting thing about this bar isn’t just their beverage menu.

    With cocktail-flavoured gummy bears that customers can try beforehand, it is impossible to order a drink that does not suit your palate in Tippling Club! Though these gummy bars manage to capture the taste of each cocktail perfectly, they are non-alcoholic. Try it for yourself — then pick the drink that you think you’d like best!

    Address: 38 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088461

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  3. Drinking Traditions Around the World

    alcohol drinking traditions

    Alcohol often acts as a central bastion of cultures all around the world. Through centuries of socialisation, many cultures consume alcohol, but in very different contexts. 

    Here at Cellarbration, we do a considerable amount of research into the background of each product we provide. In our hours of reading and writing, we often find ourselves enamoured by the fact that despite each culture being rather different in more ways than one, we always find ourselves tied, as a species, to an innate relationship to alcohol. 

    Regardless, this relationship manifests very differently from society to society. Indeed, today’s modernised world has led to the blurring of some of these traditions, but today we’ll take a short trip around the world to see how different cultures enjoy alcoholic beverages. 

    Alcohol Culture in Korea

    Korea has a very distinct drinking culture that through popular media, has now been thoroughly propagated through the rest of the world. 

     As you may know, Korean society hinges on respect for seniors, and this respect carries over to the drinking arena. When drinking with a social group, the first glass of drink is poured by the most senior person at the table. 

    This seniority may extend pass age; if you’re drinking with your colleagues and your superior/manager is younger than you, they would be expected to pour the first glass for everyone.

    For the rest of the night, however, the youngest of the group would have the responsibility of filling everyone’s glasses. 

    Should you find yourself in the position to pour/receive a drink, take note that there is etiquette to observe! Two hands should

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  4. Puss in Booze - What Makes A Drink “Girly”?

    Girly Booze

    An unspoken know-how that we have all picked up from drinking outside of our homes is the ability to cherry-pick a drink off a boozy repertoire that befits the occasion. At times, you find yourself stressing over the fact that what you order can actually communicate something about you. 

    Be it a first date or a buddy hangout, if you’re a dude, I know you’ve learnt to skim past anything that speaks brightly-coloured, sweet mixes and even lord forbid— fruit garnishes, on the menu. If you don’t, my bets are that you’re female or just one confident man.

    It’s infrequent that we see lads sipping on a pink-bodied mix, propped in a stemmed glass, or a lady tippling down some neat Scotch (Copper Dog is a popular choice) at the bar. In this age of the metrosexual chap, sexism seems to remain unremarked in the world of liquor. However, this time with men at the shorter end of the stick. Women pulling off “manlier” drinks rises in everyone’s estimation, but it is quite the opposite for the man with an appletini. Fret not mate, let’s get you covered -- what exactly makes a drink “girly”?


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    To the newbie, soju and sake may seem somewhat challenging to tell apart, particularly since both soju and sake are clear alcoholic beverages that contain the same ABV; at approximately 14-24%. The similarity in appearance alone is enough to throw off most of the uninitiated. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the differences between both liquors are distinct and extend past their histories. Where exactly do the national beverages of Korea and Japan stand apart? Let’s find out.

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    We’ve all heard the myths before - there are different drinks for different occasions. Getting ready to party? Break out the tequila! Staying in for a dark night of emotion and melancholy? Best sip on a glass of gin for the night. But to what extent are these myths true - do different drinks make you feel high differently? 

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