Cellarbration Bistro Launch

    Are you tired of scouring Singapore for the perfect place to eat and drink to your heart’s content? Or maybe just bored with your usual hangout spot and in need of a new space to unwind? Well, whatever the case, fret not, because we’ve got good news for you.

    Cellarbration Singapore is excited to announce that our newest Bistro and Bottle Shop is now open. Conveniently located in the bustling Boat Quay district, along the iconic Lorong Telok stretch, the bistro is open to all for casual dining and drinks.

    A Bistro With A Twist

    Like most bistros, you can expect to be greeted by a family-friend environment with both indoor and sheltered alfresco seating when visiting us. Don’t be mistaken though - because we’re much more than your conventional establishment.

    Cellarbration Bistro and Bottle Shop

    Let your wine breathe fresh air and relax in our alfresco seating area.

    Cellarbration Bistro and Botte Shop

    Indoor seating is also available for those looking for a more intimate setting to enjoy their food and drinks.

    Doubling as a bottle shop

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  2. The Liquor Store Draw

    The Liquor Store Draw

    The Liquor Store – A fabled place (for Singaporeans, at least) we see all the time in movies and on our favorite series on Netflix. A place so inherently commonplace in countries abroad that they share a similar stature to what heartland convenience stores are to locals. Interestingly, heartland convenience stores here have an added layer of importance as some are strategically placed and ingeniously double up as bomb shelters in certain areas for times of crisis. Which is a fun fact, but I digress. 

    In the United States (US), liquor stores are not only popular, they are considered an essential business during this pandemic period. The reasons for which go beyond just supplying alcohol with regards to the pandemic of course, as detailed in an article on Business Insider, but you get my drift- they play an integral role in everyday life for people abroad. Something almost unheard of in Singapore; a dedicated store for alcohol and to have it considered an essential. I suppose as a country we are more bubble tea people, apparently.

    But it does beg the question, what is the draw? And why are physical Liquor Stores not as rampant here than say an alcohol shop online?


    Alcohol Marketplace

    The ‘little red dot’ is a tag we wear proudly and one which has become synonymous in describing how small Singapore is in comparison to other metropolitan citie

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  3. Alcohol And Caffeine: A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell?

    Alcohol & caffeine

    Have you ever been to Sunday brunch and found yourself stuck between ordering a glass of wine and a hot cuppa? Perhaps you were even tempted to order both… but surely it’s as dangerous a combination as, say, alcohol and durian? Afterall, don’t alcohol and caffeine both work to alter your heart rate? 

    You might even notice a European couple sitting nearby, enjoying a beer and a latte. It’s not surprising, they enjoy these spiked coffee breaks without so much as a blink of an eye – what with the Italians and their caffè corretto, and the Spaniards with carajillo. (That is, a potent shot of espresso with brandy or Licor 43, respectively.)

    Let’s get this out of the way once and for all. Can we enjoy alcohol and caffeine together, or risk trying? It has everything to do with a little chemical in our bodies called adenosine


    Effects of Caffeine

    Throughout the day, the brain’s intense level of activity causes adenosine to be produced. This build-up, in turn, leads us to become sleepy and lethargic. (4pm naps, anyone?) How caffeine works, here, is that it blocks our adenosine receptors, preventing the drowsiness that occurs with rising adenosi

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  4. Alcohol Control Act Singapore: Why It Matters

    Alcohol control act Singapore

    We’ve all heard that popular saying before, especially among the locals- “Singapore is a fine city”. Who could ignore the obvious, and if I do say so myself, perfect, double entendre to signify both excellence as well as an amount of money to be paid as punishment for not obeying the law? If you don’t already know, Singapore is notorious for the latter. Well to be fair, also the former (thus the whole perfect double entendre bit).

    We employ the use of fines as a deterrent for most situations whether it be speeding, littering, and even Chewing Gum. Despite drawing flak and tongue-in-cheek ridicule from visiting tourists and Singaporeans themselves, there is an undeniable reason for their popularity- they work

    It comes as no surprise that this also applies to alcohol and alcohol consumption in Singapore. And we’re not just talking about sellers having to pay a hefty fine for selling to persons who are not of legal drinking age either (the age for drinking in Singapore legally is 18 in case you’re wondering).


    Drinking Culture in Singapore

    To understand how the latest restrictions came to be, we must first take a quick detour into understanding what the local drinking culture is like. Singaporeans, in general, still hold dear the idea of “cheap and good”. This is not true for everyone of course and in fact, we have seen an increase of fancy bars and watering holes around town, even more inclusive “bars” that spe

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  5. Keep Your Fizz This Summer With Beer Cocktails

    Beer Cocktails

    It’s always summer in sunny Singapore, and what better drink to keep the heat away than a bottle of refreshing beer? Well, not if you’ve been drinking the same lager over and over and over again, with a whole carton stocked up during the nation’s call to stay home. If that sounds like you, why not learn to mix your own beer-tails (that is, beer cocktails)? With an infinite number of permutations for even one lager, we promise you’ll never get bored. 

    Best part is, you don’t even need fancy craft beer! Commercial beer does fantastically as well, so truly anyone can make their own beer-tails. But before you start, you might want to keep in mind some considerations.

    How to Mix Beer

    Sure, you can throw a bunch of beers and beverages together, shake it (warning: big mistake!), and call it a day. But if you want to create a respectable, drinkable, possibly even delicious beer-tail, here are some tips for you. 


    Depending on beer style, adding beer typically gives your beer-tail a fuller body. For a thicker, creamier mouthfeel, consider adding an oatmeal stout, wheat beer, or even hazy IPA. 


    Due to its carbonation, adding beer to cocktails not only creates some brightness and liveliness, it may also boost some of the drink’s other flavours and aromas. 


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  6. Easy Beer Access - Convenience Stores

    Alcohol convenient stores

    The average young adult probably looks for convenient bars or restaurants that feature a perfect social ambience to satisfy their drinking needs. Unfortunately with Covid-19 disrupting our alcoholic adventures and hindering us from dining in, drinkers must find the closest alternative to satisfy their cravings. Then our local drinking laws that prohibit alcohol consumption in public places and the sales of such beverages be suspended from 10:30pm till 7am the next day. Indulging in alcoholic delights seems to be a challenge for those who want to escape such restrictions, and fortunately there are alternatives that don’t concern Clarke Quay and the like. 

    Alcohol delivery is definitely running, but there are other options to quench your thirst. Exploring the variety of liquid courage at your convenience store is something only a true alcoholic enthusiast has done. Fret not if you haven’t, because here are some of their noteworthy options.

    asahi beer


    Both Asahi Dry and Asahi Dry Black are available at a great offer of $10 for 2 tall cans at 7-11. This Japanese premium beer can easily be enjoyed at such an affordable price and accompany you through a small social gathering at home (of course following the Covid-19 res

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    Various beers

    Have you ever wanted a specific flavour in your beer, but couldn’t describe it? Maybe you thought a juicy mango IPA would hit the sweet spot, but found it a little more bitter than you hoped for. Or perhaps you’ve been listening to the bartender rattle off the beer list in hopes of finding your desired flavour, but simply can’t make heads or tails what any of the words mean – or, you know, taste. 

    Because what does “hoppy” taste like? (Don’t fret, that’s a question we get often.) If you’ve read our previous 101 on different beer styles, you’ve already taken the first step into the world of beer. But unfortunately, an IPA isn’t always bitter, and a stout isn’t always roasty – so how do you navigate the taproom and find the perfect pint for you? Here’s an introduction to some of the most commonly-used words to describe beer.

    Malty beer

    Malty Beer

    Malt is the soul of beer. All beers contain malt, so when the bartender tells you a drink is malty, they probably mean its malt flavours are more prominent. Commonly obtained from grains such as barley, wheat, rye or oats, malt provides the sugar source that yeast uses to convert into alcohol. As such, you can expect malty beers to have a degree of sweetness in them. It can range from the more rustic – bready, toasty, and biscuit-like – to more saccharine flavours such as honey, caramel, and chocolate. Depending on the grains used, it might even taste nutty, roasty or smoky. Some beer styles that might host a more malt-forward flavour profile include amber a

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  8. The Hottest (or coolest) Bars in Singapore in 2021

    Bars in Singapore

    Local Understated Bars, Speakeasies

    Have you ever heard of a speakeasy? Speakeasies are hidden bars that get their clientele only through word-of-mouth. Back in the 1920s, bars were prohibited from operating in the United States, which gave birth to speakeasies — illegal drinking houses that had to keep a low profile. 

    Many bars in Singapore are well known for their exclusive drinks and luxury experience. However, there are more understated bars in Singapore than you would think! These bars, though understated, each add their own distinctive touch to the local cocktail scene.

    These 12 bars in Singapore are definitely worth visiting, from their distinct concepts to their remarkable selection of beverages.

    Tippling Club
    (Image courtesy of worldsbestbars.com)

    Tippling Club

    Tippling Club keeps its customers coming back with its ever-changing menu, all featuring drinks that never disappoint. Their bartenders certainly know how to mix it up! However, the most interesting thing about this bar isn’t just their beverage menu.

    With cocktail-flavoured gummy bears that customers can try beforehand, it is impossible to order a drink that does not suit your palate in Tippling Club! Though these gummy bars manage to capture the taste of each cocktail perfectly, they are non-alcoholic. Try it for yourself — then pick the drink that you think you’d like best!

    Address: 38 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088461

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  9. The Modern Appeal of Drinking at Home

    drinking at home

    You’re on the way home after a long Friday in the office. The itch is slowly growing; you find yourself wanting for a cold, stiff one to cap off the day. Your phone beeps; your buddies are calling you out for some drinks at the local bar. You catch yourself letting out a short sigh -- wait, why are you sighing? You wanted a drink anyway, no? “Well yeah… but not like that…” Don’t worry, we understand (and hope your friends do, too). Drinking at home and drinking out are very different experiences. While both can be enjoyed alone or with company, it’s common that individuals head out with friends, and drink home alone.

    In fact, when one mentions drinking at home, imagination would paint a person sitting alone on the carpet, bingeing a Korean drama while downing glasses of wine. This isn’t always the case, though, house parties are getting more popular than ever. 

    However, the modern-day, more so than ever, makes drinking at home appear to be a good idea; perhaps even a better option than drinking out. Why is this so -- what exactly are some reasons to drink at home in 2021?

    Drink Home, Drink Safe

    “Prepare and prevent, don’t repair and repent” is a suitable phrase to describe the most salient reason -- drinking at home is simply safer. Too often have the best of us found

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  10. 5 Fun Games to Play When Drinking

    drinking games

    Alcohol can be a great idea when you’re alone and unwinding for the night, but it can just be as fun — if not more — with friends. There are so many ways to use alcohol to spice up a night with a crowd, if you’re planning on having a house party.

    Some of these games are classics and might be familiar to you, while there may be others you’ve never heard of (or tried) before. Well, now is the time to do so! The pandemic may have restricted the group size in which we can hang out, but don’t let that be an excuse to stop you from having fun.

    Beer pong

    Raise your hands if you’ve actually played this. The rules are simple: set up some cups on a table, preferably in the pattern of a pyramid. Make sure you have some ping pong balls on hand. The goal of the game is to aim the ping pong balls into the cups, and you have to drink whichever you manage to land.

    Even if you’re holding a drinking session over a video conferencing tool in order to bypass the social gathering limit, it is still possible to play beer pong with your friends! Cup Pong allows you to play various games via iMessage — all in a virtual setting. Make a group chat with your friends and you are good to go!

    We recommend our Asahi Dry 24-bottle package that is only going for $83. A delightful and refreshing drink that is per

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