1. Suntory Roku Gin - A Journey Through The Seasons

    Roku Gin

    When we think of Gin, one thing comes to mind right off the bat – a spirit that more often than not, is complemented by tonic water. Truth be told, a ‘Gin & Tonic’ or G&T would be right up there with the likes of ever-popular drinks such as the Martini or a Long Island Tea. Yet, very rarely would the focus be on Gin itself, which is somewhat understandable considering the nature and most common usage of the spirit as a base for a cocktail instead of a standalone drink.

    When we take into account the origins of Gin and its early uses as a medicinal liquor, it becomes decidedly less surprising that Gin, on its own, has not fared well in the popularity circuit as compared to the “cocktail version” since its introduction in the early 17th Century.

    Fast forward to the present day and we bear witness to a substantial shift in attitudes and perception towards the distilled alcoholic beverage predominantly flavored by juniper berries that is gin. Aside from the various modes of production and countless different additions of botanicals, spices, or even fruit for flavor, gin now stands in its own class. And Roku Gin, almost a household name in Asia, is top of that class.


    Japanese Craft Gin - A Brief History

    Before Suntory, Shinjiro Torii’s dream of creating something uniquely Japanese in the form of spirits gave life to the Torii Shoten Store. The store opened its doors for business in 1899 and it was

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  2. Uncovering the History of Jack Daniel’s

    Jack daniels

    An all-time favourite. It takes space in bars both top-of-the-line and rudimentary. You can toss it on the rocks or in a cocktail. Jack Daniel’s is a label that is name dropped often when ordering a glass of whiskey. But, have you ever wondered who Jack Daniel is? How did his aqua vitae find itself all over the world? And what exactly is the inside story of this household brand that we so love? 

    The People

    Today we will be uncovering more than a century-old legacy. We will look into the people and history involved in the making of Jack Daniel’s. 


    Jasper Newton Daniel

    Let’s start from the very beginning. Jasper Newton Daniel commonly known as Jack was born in 1850 and is the youngest of 10 children. His mother passed at a very early age. His father died not long after during the United States Civil War. Jack leaves home in 1864 and was taken in by a local preacher and moonshine maker, Reverend Dan Call. 


    Jack, Call and the Art of Whiskey Making

    At the Call’s family farm, Jack learns the art of whiskey making. He later became a master distiller and went on to purchase a hollow land to build his distillery with his father’s inheritance.


    Nearest Green, A Slave, a Mentor, A Master Distiller

    For much of the brand’s century and half of existence, the story went that young Jack learnt his trade from a pastor named Dan Call. In reality, he was taught to distil and make whiskey by an enslaved African, Nearest Green. 

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  3. Jägermeister: Keep The (Night) Light On Amidst Covid-19

    Jägermeister: Keep The (Night) Light On


    While the Covid-19 pandemic has caused nightlife establishments around the world to shut their doors, one alcohol brand is not going down without a fight. Literally translated to master hunter, Jägermeister stalks the night – researching consumer behaviour in the new normal, strategizing, planning – waiting to turn adversity into an opportunity to support the struggling nightlife community. And when they saw an opening, they pounced. 



    With the suspension of events, F&B, and places of entertainment in 2020, workers in nightlife-related industries were struggling to make a living. Jägermeister wanted to ensure there will be culture and nightlife to return to once the pandemic is over, and, at the same time, continue to keep consumers engaged, giving them the best nights through new ways.

    Where other brands made consumers go to them for entertainment, Jägermeister decided to take the entertainment to their audience, on their terms. And thus, Meister Drop-Ins was born. 


    Meister Drop-Ins 

    Meister Drop-Ins is a campaign that allows customers to book Meisters – otherwise known as masters, or nightlife talent – to provide entertainment during virtual parties. Since launch, the campaign has participated in 1,500 virtual events across 25 markets, as well as paid €800k to these Meisters, plu

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  4. A Class for Glass: Where Does This Drink Go?

    A class for glass

    Guides - something that has always been a point of interest across the board regardless of subject matter. Some are informative and much needed; think styling guide for men dictating the dos and don’ts of the unfamiliar territory of suit-wearing to create the perfect ensemble. Others aim to be inclusive, such as the all too familiar “How to Order Kopi” guides that help to make absolutely sure you know your way around impressing the drink stall vendor at your local hawker center. Regardless, it is high time we own up to the fact that when it comes to the different glasses for our alcohol, the majority of us are about as clueless about the subject as where each silverware goes on the dinner table (they have guides for those too by the way).

    And in case you are wondering, yes, they matter. The intent behind even having specific types of glasses for your liquor goes beyond how they look- it affects taste and smell too. In fact, the right glass for the right drink boosts aromatics from the drink itself and lessens the chances of ruining the optimal temperature that drink is supposed to be served.

    So, if you are at all curious about how you can take home-drinking a step further, maybe our quick read on common household wine & spirits and their appropriate glasses can help provide some clarity.


    Red Wine, White Wine 

    A wine glass is relatively easy to spot but not quite as easy to differentiate. It is common to have at least a couple of wine glasses stashed away at home even if you do not indulge in the stuff. That mostly has to do with how they look- let’s face it, they exude c

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  5. To Chill or Not to Chill? The Do’s and Don’t’s of Chilling Wine

    Chilling Wines

    We all have our wine preferences. Some prefer sweet white wine, crips with soft tannins and others prefer dry reds, full-bodied with noticeable notes of tannins. When it comes to wine preferences, there are many factors to consider beyond the straightforward flavour profiles. One of them is the popular notion of whether you should be chilling your wine.

    You may or may not give much thought to chilling your wine. Some may not like the idea of chilling wine and some may even have received backlash for choosing to chill their wine especially red wine as if it is a fallacy. Well, today we shall set the record straight. 


    Why Does Temperature Matter

    While there is no right or wrong way to drink wine (even though some might argue otherwise), the temperature of wine when served can impact the overall flavour and scent. Temperature can enhance the complex flavours of wine and even disguise the imperfections of a lower grade wine. 

    When you think about it, it makes sense that different wines depending on their varietals and it’s flavour complexities made up of acidity, tannin level, sugar and alcohol content, should have their own individual serving temperatures. This makes it a salient point for why we should understand the optimal serving temperature for each wine. 

    The Outdated Axiom of Chilling Wine

    Before delving into the optimal serving temperature for each wine, it is imperative to note that when the internet tells you to serve wine at room temperature, it does not necessarily mean the act of chilling w

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  6. Zero to Hero: How to Make Cheap Wine Taste Expensive

    Wine, oh wine… absolutely sublime when it is good, and completely nasty when it isn’t. For the uninformed, casual wine drinker, buying a bottle of cheap wine is like playing russian roulette – you make a guess based on grape varietal and country, and you pray it’s a hit, not a miss. 

    It’s not so much about price – there are some amazing wines that are surprisingly affordable, and some terrible ones not at all worth its salt – but rather, it’s about impression. There’s a reason wine is the drink of the gods, and when you’re enjoying a glass, you want to feel divine, not slapped in the face with the stench of sulphur. 

    But if that’s the bottle you regrettably put your money on, and want to try your best to enjoy it – or worse, need a quick fix for a dinner party you’re hosting – here are some tips we hope may help you elevate its flavour. 

    Hack No. 1 – No Fuss, Extra Fast Decanting


    Why Decant Wine

    A newly purchased bottle of wine may have been stashed inside a wine crate for months. In the absence of oxygen while bottled, sulphur compounds that smell like rotten eggs and burnt rubber may be produced. Which is why you’ll first want to try decanting the wine.

    Decanting wine allows oxygen to enter. Not only does this help the odour of sulphur to dissipate, it also softens the tannins, and allows the flavours and aromas that were sitting in the bottle to expand and breathe. 


    How To Decant Wine

    Pour the wine into a decanter or lar

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    Cellarbration Bistro Launch

    Are you tired of scouring Singapore for the perfect place to eat and drink to your heart’s content? Or maybe just bored with your usual hangout spot and in need of a new space to unwind? Well, whatever the case, fret not, because we’ve got good news for you.

    Cellarbration Singapore is excited to announce that our newest Bistro and Bottle Shop is now open. Conveniently located in the bustling Boat Quay district, along the iconic Lorong Telok stretch, the bistro is open to all for casual dining and drinks.

    A Bistro With A Twist

    Like most bistros, you can expect to be greeted by a family-friend environment with both indoor and sheltered alfresco seating when visiting us. Don’t be mistaken though - because we’re much more than your conventional establishment.

    Cellarbration Bistro and Bottle Shop

    Let your wine breathe fresh air and relax in our alfresco seating area.

    Cellarbration Bistro and Botte Shop

    Indoor seating is also available for those looking for a more intimate setting to enjoy their food and drinks.

    Doubling as a bottle shop

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  8. The Liquor Store Draw

    The Liquor Store Draw

    The Liquor Store – A fabled place (for Singaporeans, at least) we see all the time in movies and on our favorite series on Netflix. A place so inherently commonplace in countries abroad that they share a similar stature to what heartland convenience stores are to locals. Interestingly, heartland convenience stores here have an added layer of importance as some are strategically placed and ingeniously double up as bomb shelters in certain areas for times of crisis. Which is a fun fact, but I digress. 

    In the United States (US), liquor stores are not only popular, they are considered an essential business during this pandemic period. The reasons for which go beyond just supplying alcohol with regards to the pandemic of course, as detailed in an article on Business Insider, but you get my drift- they play an integral role in everyday life for people abroad. Something almost unheard of in Singapore; a dedicated store for alcohol and to have it considered an essential. I suppose as a country we are more bubble tea people, apparently.

    But it does beg the question, what is the draw? And why are physical Liquor Stores not as rampant here than say an alcohol shop online?


    Alcohol Marketplace

    The ‘little red dot’ is a tag we wear proudly and one which has become synonymous in describing how small Singapore is in comparison to other metropolitan citie

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  9. A Guide to Mixing Wine Based Cocktails

    Wine cocktails

    Gone are the days where hard liquor is the go-to spirit for making delicious cocktails. As it turns out, you can grab a bottle of your favourite wine and enjoy yourself a delectable, lower alcohol alternative to a spirit-forward cocktail. It doesn’t matter if it is red wine, white wine or even rose. There are tasty ways to mix up each varietal into a flavourful and refreshing drink. Ready to start mixing? Follow these simple tips.


    Pick Your Wine Profile

    Wines are a versatile cocktail ingredient because it has a dynamic spectrum of flavour profile, from dry and fruity to bright and savoury. Next, we will delve into the individual flavour profiles of red, white and rose wine. 


    Dry Red Wine

    Red wines are known to have higher tannins - A group of bitter and astringent compounds that are found abundantly in plants and grape skins. They are bitter in flavour and leave a drying sensation on the tongue. Since grape skins are left on during the winemaking process of red wine, reds usually generally have higher tannins than white wine or rose. 

    When it comes to tannins, chances are you either like it or you never want to taste it again. But the beauty of mixing a wine-based cocktail is that with proper pairing of ingredients, you get to enjoy the flavours of red wine without or with less of the overbearing tannins. 


    Crisp White Wine

    White wines, especially sweet whites, are more acidic than reds. High acidity in white wines makes them a unique s

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  10. Alcohol And Caffeine: A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell?

    Alcohol & caffeine

    Have you ever been to Sunday brunch and found yourself stuck between ordering a glass of wine and a hot cuppa? Perhaps you were even tempted to order both… but surely it’s as dangerous a combination as, say, alcohol and durian? Afterall, don’t alcohol and caffeine both work to alter your heart rate? 

    You might even notice a European couple sitting nearby, enjoying a beer and a latte. It’s not surprising, they enjoy these spiked coffee breaks without so much as a blink of an eye – what with the Italians and their caffè corretto, and the Spaniards with carajillo. (That is, a potent shot of espresso with brandy or Licor 43, respectively.)

    Let’s get this out of the way once and for all. Can we enjoy alcohol and caffeine together, or risk trying? It has everything to do with a little chemical in our bodies called adenosine


    Effects of Caffeine

    Throughout the day, the brain’s intense level of activity causes adenosine to be produced. This build-up, in turn, leads us to become sleepy and lethargic. (4pm naps, anyone?) How caffeine works, here, is that it blocks our adenosine receptors, preventing the drowsiness that occurs with rising adenosi

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