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In our previous article, we mentioned how dangerous and risky it is to consume fake alcohol, be it beers, wines, or liquors. Not only does it pose certain health complications, but certain artificial alcohols have also been found to contain substances that can lead to permanent blindness! You might end up spending more on your medical bills than what you saved with that sketchy bottle.

Neutral spirits are pure alcohol that has been made from fermented grains. Ethanol, also known as grain alcohol, is a neutral spirit whereby the grains have gone through a fermentation process. With a 95% alcohol content, grain alcohol is extremely potent.

Ethanol is an ingredient found in many types of alcohol, including clear liquors such as vodka and gin. When it comes to clear liquors, the steps for checking its authenticity differs just a little from those for dark liquors.

Ingesting fake alcohol is a serious matter due to the damaging effect it can have on your health. These may even be found in your fortified wines whereby spirits are usually added. From distilled spirits to flavored liqueurs, you can never be too careful about the alcohol content in your bottle.


Clear Spirits

Again, here are some ways to tell if that bottle of Roku gin is a counterfeit product, or if it’s just going at a good deal.



Unlike dark liquors such as whiskey, real vodka or gin does not and should not have any sediment in it. Sediment is often a by-product of the production process of fake gin. If you see particles floating around in the bottle, it might mean that the alcohol has been watered down or made with some other kind of alcohol. Remember, pure gin should always be clear!



Vodkas and gins are called clear liquors for a reason — these should be clear and not look like there are different layers to it. If the content in the bottle contains different shades, it is a giveaway that that might be counterfeit alcohol you are purchasing. 


Smell and taste

While all alcohol smells strong, it should not smell toxic. If your alcohol has a chemical rather than a natural spicy smell to it, that is a huge red light that it might be fake! In fact, fake vodka is particularly notorious for smelling like nail polish.

This is because most counterfeit alcohol is made with strong chemicals to mimic the burning sensation that you feel when drinking an alcoholic beverage. Therefore, if your alcohol smells too strong, and the burning sensation becomes overwhelming, avoid drinking it any further! Real alcohol should not cause you to choke and cough continuously.


Bad hangovers

Of course, it isn’t just the smell and taste you should look out for. If you get really bad migraines from drinking the cheap alcohol you’ve bought, chances are, you’re consuming a fake product. The intense hangover is likely caused by ingesting the chemicals in that bottle of fake alcohol you took the night before.

While hangovers are normal after a drinking session, it should not make you feel so bad that you are unable to function, even after a full night of sleep. The dangers of consuming counterfeit alcohol is real and very much a health risk. Don’t fall victim to such scams!


Google if you’re still unsure

Tempted to buy a cheap yet unknown brand that you’ve never heard of? Be sure that it is at least a licensed alcohol seller by googling their business — if you can’t seem to find it online, or there are questionable reviews about them, it might be safer not to get that bottle. The best way to keep yourself safe is to buy from licensed premises.


Word of Caution

The next time you purchase a bottle of liquor, be sure to check if it’s authentic! Even reputable bars and clubs might fall for such trickery — or resort to selling fake alcohol for quick money. Certainly, there is a market for the sale of alcohol, especially after 10:30 pm every night, due to the Supply and Consumption Act. Watch out for such places, particularly in liquor control zones, that do not comply with this act — they might just be looking for a quick cash grab!

Alcohol counterfeiting has become increasingly pervasive with the growing popularity of ecommerce sites. These sites are not just a great opportunity to reach out to unsuspecting consumers, but also for counterfeiters to obtain the packaging that they fill their fake alcohol in.

According to Financial Times, one-third of all alcohol production in the world is illegal, which puts billions of people at risk. We cannot stress enough just how dangerous it is to ingest counterfeit alcohol.

Buy Authentic Alcohol

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