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With all the social restrictions in the past year, don’t we all just want to have more quality time indoors with our friends and relatives? I think we can all agree that food and drinks would be one of the primary essentials that facilitate this. Thankfully, we can order almost anything online today with just a few clicks on our desktop or mobile devices. Doesn’t that feel like magic! You’ll never have to worry about scouring liquor stores without being able to find your favorite alcoholic beverage for the weekend.

Just in case it isn’t completely obvious why alcohol delivery is a good idea, let’s check out some of the reasons why you shouldn't miss out on our local alcohol delivery services.


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Alcohol Delivery Saves Time 

Typical reasons why we regularly turn to delivery services is that we simply don’t have time to get off our seats, make our way out of our homes or offices for food. Similarly, you don’t always have the time to leave the house or wherever you are for a liquor or beer run due to various commitments and time constraints.

Time is precious, and thus a delivery service simply is too. More often than not, we only visit the liquor store whenever we pass by, while already out with friends or by ourselves shopping for other things. Going to our retail stores or the bottle shop Singapore may be convenient, but it might be a hassle if it isn’t on the way, especially if you are in a rush or in the middle of something important. Given a choice, wouldn’t you rather save that extra 30 mins off your errands?

Wide selection of alcohol

Wide Variety & Choices

The web is filled with variety, while the same goes for online alcohol stores. Without storage space limitations, these online spaces usually offer a greater range of options compared to a literal brick-and-mortar liquor store. Most of them carry what the masses want, but online stores are not limited to typical space constraints, which means you've got straight access to their entire warehouse product inventory, and will likely find whatever drink you have in mind.


Who Doesn’t Love FREE Delivery Services

With a basket size of orders above $99, you are automatically entitled to receive free delivery. Check out our latest product launch - Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, and other categories - Beer, Whisky, Wine, Spirits etc. 

Still Not Convinced You Should Buy From Us?

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