Yamazaki 12 Years

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Yamazaki 12 Years is created from Japan’s first and oldest malt distillery. This elegant and smooth single malt has acquired its own cult following since 1984.

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Single Malt

The Origin of Yamazaki Name

 “Yamazaki” originates from the suburb of Yamazaki in Osaka, the hometown of Japanese Whisky and the first whiskey distillery in Japan. Producing only pure Japanese single malt whisky, the  Yamazaki distillery, carries the pride confidence and respect of the land and it’s name

The Brand

yamazaki 12 calligraphy

The calligraphy lettering of the Yamazaki was created by Keizo Saiji, the second master blender and the father of the “Yamazaki” brand. The bold brushwork represents it’s passion for Japanese whisky and celebrative joy at launching the first single malt whisky from Japan’s oldest malt distillery.

The Yamazaki Water

Yamazaki has long been known to have the best pure mineral waters in Japan. Water is used to brew the barley sprouts for Japanese whisky and is the most essential ingredient of all. This is why the Yamazaki distillery was built there in 1943. The relatively high hardness of the water made it perfect for holding complex flavours and producing a full-bodied malt whisky. Today the Yamazaki distillery still uses the subsoil water of Yamazaki’s bamboo forest as the mother water for brewing. Brewers gather data on the water every day to ensure that it has remained unchanged since its founding. 

The Mizunara Cask

Mizunara oak is the world’s most elusive oak due to the period it takes to grow the tree for cask making - about 200 - 500 years. Beyond the centuries it takes to grow a Mizunara tree, Mizunara oaks are porous and most are not suitable for cask making. 

Given its rarity, Mizunara oak has become the emblem of Japanese whisky; prized for its flavour notes of sandalwood, spice, incense and a long spicy finish. Without Mizunara Yamazaki 12 wouldn't have its distinctive oriental aroma.

Flavour Profile

The Colour

Pale ale

The Nose

Full aroma of nut oils and zest with a pleasant floral character and subtle fruity notes


Smooth, sweet and soft with taste of winter spice, fruity notes and a little rum

The Finish

Medium fruity and zest finish


  • San Francisco World Spirit Competition (SWSC), 2013 (Double Gold)
  • International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), 2011 (Gold, Best in Class)
  • International Spirit Challenge (ISC), 2010 (Gold)
  • San Francisco World Spirit Competition (SWSC), 2009 (Double Gold)
  • International Spirit Challenge (ISC), 2003 (Gold)
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