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The Botanist Islay dry gin is a spirit of layered complexity, with 22 hand-foraged local island botanicals that delicately augments nine berries, barks, seeds & peels.

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The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is created at the Bruichladdieh distillery. It is layered with 22 hand-foraged local island botanicals that includes nine berries, various barks, seeds & peels. Its botanicals are selectively collected from the island only between the seasons of March and October through a professional forager. The name was influenced by two local botanists who worked with former Master Distiller Jim McEwan to create the gin's recipe. A world-standard gin, at a perfect ABV of 46%.

Most of The Botanist's achievements can be attributed to Jim McEwan, the spirit's creator and former master distiller, for whom the gin was mostly a passion project. Before being called upon to resurrect the ailing Bruichladdich in 2001, McEwan spent nearly four decades in Bowmore, rising through the ranks from apprentice to top distillery dog.


Flavor Profile


Extremely smooth due to an exceptional viscosity of the liquid. Glides across the palate. 


Like a bouquet of fresh herbs, juniper, and soft citrus. The delicate sophistication of the Islay 22 is supported by a combination of sweet, spicy, and earthy notes of cassia and coriander. With scents of Islay botanicals gently rising, exuding aromas of mint, thyme, sweet gale, grose camomile.


Rich and mellow on the palate, cold at first then warming as it progresses, stimulating taste buds with a round mouthfeel and citrus freshness. The sophistication and harmony are distinct. The Islay 22 combines soft and earthy notes with delicate floral and herbal notes. Each sip introduces new layers of flavor and more nuanced flavor combinations. A perfect balance of complexity and versatility.


Relaxed & balanced. Water mint, citrus, hawthorn, wood sage, sweet cicely, cinnamon, and light juniper – a harmonious blend kept together by a gentle, satin-soft texture. The viscosity of an achingly slow distillation brings out Islay's delicateness , expressing a new blend of flavor, a different mix of botanicals, with each sip.



Monaco Concours of the Femmes et Spiritueux du Monde 2011 (Diamond prize)

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