Leopold Organic Sloe Gin

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Leopold Organic Sloe Gin is blended twice with juniper berries and botanicals from Leopold Spirits. Cassis dominates the profile, with cherry undertones.

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Leopold organic sloe gin is a 100 % handcrafted wheat gin combined with 6 months macerated organic sloes. The wheat grows on the distillers’ own farm in Austria and is distilled twice with juniper berries and our Leopold spirits recipe of botanicals. The high-proof sloe gin ages up to one year in stainless steel so that it can develop its character. After the aging process, the gin gets its drinkable strength of 27% vol. alc. for the refinement, some beet sugar from the house owned farm is added to create a balance of sweet and sourness in smell and taste. Due to the high-water quality of the own springs in upper Austria, the sloe gin gets its very mild and soft finish.
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