Heineken Beer Can (24cans X 330ml)

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About Heineken

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Back in 1873, Gerard Heineken built a brewery and set about perfecting the recipe that soon became Holland’s first ‘premium’ lager beer. Four generations later, the spirit of quality and perfection remains fervent within the Heineken family.

The Heineken brand we know today is an emblem of quality and perfection. You know that every ice-cold, crisp drink will offer a richly satisfying taste with subtle fruity notes when you see the red-star on the green bottle.


Inoffensive yet aperitive. The beautiful golden-yellow lager of 5% alcohol boasts a fresh, fruity aroma accompanied by a mildly bitter taste. Yet you can expect it to be stronger and more tasteful than most internationally mass-produced lagers.

Tips for Use

As the world’s most popular beer type, Heineken lager beer is a versatile accompaniment to any food. However, the refreshing flavour of the light lager, makes it ideal for pairing with spicy food/snacks such as buffalo wings, chilli fries, Thai curries or savoury delicacies. 

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How to Store

Store your Heineken beer cans in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Best enjoyed when chilled in the fridge until it’s cooled to around 5°C.

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