Signatory Vintage Mortlach 2008 Cask Strength

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Founded in 1823, Mortlach was one of the few distilleries permitted to produce spirits during World War II. Using partial triple distillation, it is equipped with traditional condensers called “worm tubes”. A subtle blend of finesse and power, this bottling shows wonderful maturity despite its young age. A real gem, it overflows with all the ingredients that make this single malt considered one of the best in Speyside.

Profile: powerful, spicy, exotic and vanilla-scented, the nose is also honeyed and herbaceous. A hint of oily peat makes an appearance. Reminiscent of a white Burgundy. Brimming with life and energy, the palate is hot and spicy. Juicy fruit and hay pave the way for a subtly peaty finish.

Single Cask no. 800054 – Bourbon Barrel
Limited edition of 249 bottles

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