Oneshot White Peach Soju

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Oneshot White Peach Soju is a flavourful drink with its tart and full bodied peach flavours. Leaving you craving for more, this drink is sure to bring longevity to the nights you won’t forget.

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South Korea

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One shot or “완샷“ a modern lingo used in Korea which means bottoms up! Brewed & distilled with the finest materials of rice and water found from Yeongcheon that is renowned in Korea from an established company with over 70 years of experience in the industry. Bohae has crafted a soju that has a distinct yet familiar taste, retaining the original spirit of Korean soju. With the crisp and refreshing taste known to all, Bohae has certainly crafted a masterpiece worth savouring. 

In the essence of the name One shot (완샷), this soju sure to provide an immaculate experience for a good time, be it being the life of a party or a savoury pairing enjoyed with your favourite meal for a truly gastronomic experience!

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