Legends Untold

lagavulin 26

As our fable goes, hidden within his den on Islay bay, The King of Islay guarded  a gem of precious worth. The resplendent stone sat within the Lion’s crown, ruby red and glistening with lustre. Won through decades of fire and ferocity, it reflected an alluring warmth and smouldering intensity – the captivating nature at the very heart of Lagavulin.

This lovely, mature single vintage malt, the  first 26 year-old Lagavulin Special Release,
perfectly expresses the rich first-fill Pedro  Ximenez/Oloroso cask style and is quite delicious,
sure in the knowledge that its balance and smooth tastes have been shaped 
and respected by the decades.

As our fable goes, deep in the waters of the River Dullan lived an ethereal siren.

A golden maiden, with the shimmering tail of a fish, known to sing a song of  honeyed sweetness that drew listeners in to seek its beautiful source. From her  touch, flowers and fruits sprung into ripeness, and from her tail, golden rivers  flowed. This Siren’s song gave The Singleton its smooth and melodious nature

– a scotch born of slow craft, rich with the bounty of autumn fruit, caramel and spice.

This richly rewarding Singleton has shimmering aromas of fruit and marzipan, 
while its sweet, luscious, rounded flavours seduce with their easy charm.

mortlach 13

As our fable goes, when darkness falls and the sapphire glow of the full moon  lights up the sky, a lone beast stirs amidst the shadows. As the singing stills  of Mortlach begin to play their haunting melody, a howl breaks and rings in

unison. The beast leaves no trace but his formidable song, vibrating throughout

the distillery, gives Mortlach its extraordinary, magnetic nature.

A magnificently intense, well-structured Mortlach with a
character that rises to new  heights inspired by virgin casks.

As our fable goes, upon a hill of blackened rock grew a mysterious tree with  scarlet blossoms of irresistible charm. Their sweet aroma of honeycomb and  spice was so alluring, it transformed the dark hill into lush abundance. Where  crimson petals had fallen, a distillery took root. The spellbinding scent filled the  air, infusing Cardhu with its distinctively enchanting character

A magnificently intense, well-structured Mortlach with a
character that rises to new  heights inspired by virgin casks.

As our fable goes, wedged between the Highlands and Isles where Oban’s  distillery came to lie, twin foxes were born into light and dark. They were  relentless opposites; one, with a bright orange coat, possessed the Highland’s  gift for lightness and speed. The other, dark as smoke, possessed the Isles'  camouflaged mystique. Each fox contrasted and skillfully balanced the other.

At Oban distillery, the dual light and darkness of our sly siblings springs from  the amber dram, a distinctive dynamic of opposing energies: notes of the  Highlands and the Isles in perfect harmony.

An original Oban from non-traditional casks  that has a great deal to say for itself as it  skilfully
entwines the lighter and darker traits  of this famous bridge between the Highland  and Island styles of single malt.

lagavulin 12

As our fable goes, The King of Islay seen upon the crest of Lagavulin was no  ordinary feline, but a lion rampant who prowled the grounds of an Islay castle, a  fresh victor, intense in power and pride. This brooding and battle-worn beast,  won its crown through flame and ferocity – and came to represent one of  Scotland’s most fiery distilleries.

A glorious and classic Lagavulin, with an  intensity, saltiness and sweetness that  balance
perfectly as perfumed wood smoke  rises to envelop them all; absolutely delicious.

talisker 8

As our fable goes, on the rugged Isle of Skye stood Talisker, an enduring  distillery with a fierce protector of an otherworldly nature: the ferocious Sea  Fury. Beneath the smoky, mist-draped surface of the island’s dark waters, this  leviathan of the loch lay in wait, keeping watch over its ancient home, imparting  the whisky that leaves its shores with its powerful and unmistakably brine-  licked character.

A straight and classic Talisker, this is a  wonderfully clearsighted, powerfully
fire-breathing sea-monster of a malt, with a direct  and bold nature


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