Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin

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 Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin distilled in Rampur distillery, which has a classic first nose. The finish is medium, with notes of spice and a dull radiant warmth.

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Jaisalmer Gins

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Derived from the ancient Indian knowledge of herbs; retaining the classic gin flavor of juniper berries, a refreshing twist has been added with hand-picked Indian botanicals. Of the 11 botanicals used in the distillation, 7 have been sourced from all four corners of India. The Coriander and Vetiver, a complex spice with intriguing peppery notes, are grown in the fields around Jaisalmer in Northern India. The sweet orange peel, which complements the citrus and floral tones of the gin, comes from Central India. Cubeb Berries and Lemon Grass from Southern India, Darjeeling Green Tea leaves from Eastern India and Lemon Peel from Western India. Other botanicals include angelica roots, liquorice and caraway seeds lending a spicy, slightly anise-tinged flavour to the gin. Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin is like an oasis in the desert, with an elegant refreshing finish that lingers long after."
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