Hepple Gin

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Hepple Gin is made with a variety of botanicals including Italian juniper, and distilled in a pot still. Lemon peels and corriander on the nose with a lively finish.

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Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Alcohol Percentage 45.0%
Volume 700ml
Type Gin

Hepple Gin is crafted using a rather intricate production method, which includes pot stills, vacuum distillation and a supercritical CO2 extraction process! A base spirit is distilling in a pot still using a selection of botanicals including Italian juniper. More botanicals are vacuum-distilled, including locally picked juniper, Amalfi lemon and lovage. The super-critical CO2 extraction process is used to make a spirit flavoured with Macedonian juniper. These are expertly blended together resulting in this fascinating tipple!

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