Gordon's London Dry Gin

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Gordon's Gin has been a global phenomenon since the 17th century. With a clear and dry juniper on the palate and a zesty, medium-length finish prized for its purity and genuineness. The traditional taste of Gin and Tonic is defined by this excellent gin.


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Gordon’s Gin is triple-distilled and made with juniper berries, coriander seeds, and angelica root, to mention a few ingredients. Typically enjoyed with a classic Gin and Tonic mix.

History of Gordon’s Gin

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1769: Alexander Gordon - the first few pioneers of quality gin distillation founded Gordon’s gin

1800: Gordon’s was world famous and available in almost every corner of the globe.

1924: Invented and launched the first Cocktail Shaker bottle in response to the growing trend of cocktail parties 

1925: Gordon’s gin was granted four Royal Warrants 

1960: Achieved the status of being the world’s best-selling international gin brand. 

2019: Gordon’s Gin sold a bottle for every 3 seconds, growing 56% in sales in the UK and 28% globally

2020: 6.7 million 9 liter cases of Gordon’s gin was sold worldwide 


5 Facts of Gordon’s Gin

  1. In the 1850s, Australians loved Gordon's Gin so much they paid for it with gold dust.

  2. Gordon's Gin was James Bond's gin of choice. He insists in Casino Royale that his Vesper Martini is to be made with Gordon's Gin.

  3. Junipers are matured for 18 months to create the best flavour.

  4. The recipe for Gordon’s gin is only made known to six people in the world.

  5. Legend has it that a member of the Gordon family once saved the King of Scotland from a boar whilst out on a hunting trip. In gratitude for his bravery, a symbol of a boar’s head was marked on the Gordon’s family coat of arms - An emblem that is featured on the bottle since 1909

Flavour Profile

The Colour

Crystal Clear

The Nose

Sweet notes of juniper, lemon zest and a hint of fresh herbs 


Clean with dry juniper flavour and a slowly developing lemon and other citrusy notes

The Finish

Simple and medium length with an unmistakable juniper burst


  • International Spirits Challenge 2020, London Gin Standard (Silver)
  • The Gin Masters (The Spirits Business) 2020, London Dry (Gold)
  • The Gin Masters (The Spirits Business) 2019, Premium (Silver)
  • San Francisco World Spirit Competition 2019, Gin (Silver)
  • International Spirits Challenge 2019, London Gin Standard (Silver)
  • International Spirits Challenge 2018, London Gin Standard (Silver)
  • The Gin Masters (The Spirits Business) 2018, London Dry (Silver)
  • International Spirits Challenge 2017, Gin (Gold)
  • International Spirits Challenge 2016, Gin (Bronze)
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