Jägermeister: Keep The (Night) Light On


While the Covid-19 pandemic has caused nightlife establishments around the world to shut their doors, one alcohol brand is not going down without a fight. Literally translated to master hunter, Jägermeister stalks the night – researching consumer behaviour in the new normal, strategizing, planning – waiting to turn adversity into an opportunity to support the struggling nightlife community. And when they saw an opening, they pounced. 



With the suspension of events, F&B, and places of entertainment in 2020, workers in nightlife-related industries were struggling to make a living. Jägermeister wanted to ensure there will be culture and nightlife to return to once the pandemic is over, and, at the same time, continue to keep consumers engaged, giving them the best nights through new ways.

Where other brands made consumers go to them for entertainment, Jägermeister decided to take the entertainment to their audience, on their terms. And thus, Meister Drop-Ins was born. 


Meister Drop-Ins 

Meister Drop-Ins is a campaign that allows customers to book Meisters – otherwise known as masters, or nightlife talent – to provide entertainment during virtual parties. Since launch, the campaign has participated in 1,500 virtual events across 25 markets, as well as paid €800k to these Meisters, plus thousands more in tips. 

With intermittent lockdowns around the world, however, the Meister Drop-Ins movement is far from over. Rather, it has become an ongoing campaign stream that aims to support the ever-growing Meister community, all while continuing to help consumers create unique, unforgettable experiences in their own home.

With Meisters ready to provide entertainment to your virtual event, the brand’s proven that a party is not a party without Jägermeister – so load up a bottle, and let’s get the party started. 


Meister of Cocktails 

Over 56 ingredients blended in a secret recipe, unchanged since 1934. The consistency of Jägermeister is a testament to its enduring place on our liquor cabinets. It’s easy to see why – with a perfect balance of herb, spice, fruit, bitterness and sweetness, the iconic German digestif goes well with almost any cocktail.

Unless you’re feeling nostalgic for those college party days, drop the Jägerbomb for five of these bombass, fuss-free alternatives. 

Jäger Fizz

Starting with the classic (Jäger) Fizz – a refreshing sweet and sour drink perfect for those sweaty summer nights! Combine ¾ oz lemon juice, ¾ oz Jägermeister, and 1oz London Dry Gin with ice, then shake well for that characteristic fizz. Strain into your preferred glass, then add ice and 4oz club soda. Garnish with lemon slices and a mint sprig. 

Jäger Negroni

For a more sophisticated drink, how about a bitter cocktail with just a dash of sweetness? You know what I’m talking about, it’s the Jäger Negroni! It’s an equal parts cocktail, so stir 1oz Jägermeister with 1oz gin and 1oz sweet vermouth, then add ice! Garnish with a lemon peel twisted over the glass for that signature negroni feel. (Any gin and red vermouth will do, though the Bombay Sapphire Gin and Cinzano 1757 Vermouth Rosso are a match made in heaven.) 

Jäger Spritz

A spritz might just be one of the easiest cocktails you can make at home. Simply combine three parts sparkling wine, two parts liqueur, and one part soda water – and you can make an infinite number of spritzes. To enjoy a Jäger Spritz, substitute the liqueur with Jägermeister, and add a citrus wedge to garnish! 

Jägermeister Mule

For a herbal, slightly bitter rendition to the classic Moscow Mule, we have the Jägermeister Mule. Pour 2oz Jägermeister, 3oz ginger beer, and ½ oz lime juice into a copper mug. Add ice cubes, then garnish with lime. Absolutely fantastic. 

Hunter’s Tea

Last but not least… The Germans gave us Jägermeister, now they’ve blessed us with a pitcher of Hunter’s Tea. Simply add 1.5oz Jägermeister to 1.5oz black tea, 0.7oz lime juice and ½ oz maple syrup. Throw in a handful of ice, then stir to chill. Don’t forget the lemon zest! Trust us, you’re gonna get hooked. 


Join the Party

Save our nightlife culture, and keep the nights going strong with Jägermeister! With our free alcohol delivery services (for all orders $99 and above), a world of cocktails is at your fingertips. Choose us as your preferred liqueur delivery service today!