A class for glass

Guides - something that has always been a point of interest across the board regardless of subject matter. Some are informative and much needed; think styling guide for men dictating the dos and don’ts of the unfamiliar territory of suit-wearing to create the perfect ensemble. Others aim to be inclusive, such as the all too familiar “How to Order Kopi” guides that help to make absolutely sure you know your way around impressing the drink stall vendor at your local hawker center. Regardless, it is high time we own up to the fact that when it comes to the different glasses for our alcohol, the majority of us are about as clueless about the subject as where each silverware goes on the dinner table (they have guides for those too by the way).

And in case you are wondering, yes, they matter. The intent behind even having specific types of glasses for your liquor goes beyond how they look- it affects taste and smell too. In fact, the right glass for the right drink boosts aromatics from the drink itself and lessens the chances of ruining the optimal temperature that drink is supposed to be served.

So, if you are at all curious about how you can take home-drinking a step further, maybe our quick read on common household wine & spirits and their appropriate glasses can help provide some clarity.


Red Wine, White Wine 

A wine glass is relatively easy to spot but not quite as easy to differentiate. It is common to have at least a couple of wine glasses stashed away at home even if you do not indulge in the stuff. That mostly has to do with how they look- let’s face it, they exude class. But if you really wanted to maximize its use, pick up the one you have at home and give it a proper once-over. Aside from the fact that wine glasses all have stems to lessen heat transfer from your hand to the wine, you might be able to tell whether you have one for a red or white wine based on the characteristics below.


Red Wine Glass

Red wines in general are more aroma-centric, so logically the glasses used reflect that. A rounded and bowl-shaped wine glass with a large opening are indicators that you are holding on to a glass meant for red wine. At some point you might have witnessed people sticking their noses way into the cup and getting the tips of their noses dangerously close to the liquid to really breathe it in. Aside from being another foolproof way of knowing that they are probably enjoying a glass of red wine, they are using the right glass to do it. I suppose you would too if you were kicking back a glass of Penfolds Bin 2 Shiraz Mataro and wanted to tease your nasal senses with notes of blackberries, clove and vanilla cream before unapologetically gulping it down.


White Wine Glass 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, white wines lean more towards taste instead of aroma. Unsurprisingly, white wine glasses are more petite and slender with a smaller opening. The reduced size slows down increases in temperature and as a secondary function, limits your intake, because white wines are generally sweeter and most serve as dessert wines. I mean, have you tried the Inniskillin Sparkling Vidal Ice Wine? Being in the category of an ‘Ice Wine’ points to the tendency of sweetness but this one in particular also offers immense versatility, pairing well with many appetizers and especially spicy ones like those our local tongues favor. In fact, if you knowingly decided to use a red wine glass for this bottle, we almost certainly would let it slide.


Champagne Flute 

You would even be excused for using a champagne flute if you are in a pinch. As the name suggests, you would normally find champagne flutes playing host to any of the ‘Cristal Champagne’ or ‘Brut Champagne’, and for good reason. Take the Louis Roederer Brut Premier, a classic, fresh, bright wine that is just as rich as it is powerful (in flavor that is). The perfect festive wine. What does it share in common with the Inniskillin? Bubbles. Champagne flutes are designed with the purpose of making bubbles last as long as possible since nothing says “festive” like bubbles. Almost all other aspects of the champagne flute are similar to that of a white wine glass save for the bead at the bottom of the flute which supposedly acts as a starting point for the bubbles.


On the Rocks - Lowball Glass

The lowball glass should be just as much a staple in your home as the phrase “on the rocks” is to be honest. A case of ‘different names for the same thing’ exists here since the lowball glass is also commonly known as a ‘Rock Glass’ or an ‘Old Fashioned Glass’ (presumably because it is commonly used for Old Fashioned-s). This unmistakably short, round, and weighted vessel is hard to miss and even harder not to make use of due to its versatile nature. You can utilize them for cocktails just as well as you would your preferred liquor either neat or of course, on the rocks. While the weighted bottom and unbridled opening is really to allow room for ice cubes, you would also in turn, get a good sniff of your drink which is nothing to complain about if you were sipping on say, a Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. This exquisite bottle of rum smells absolutely divine and is a match made in heaven to the Rock Glass for versatility.


Class Delivery

We can only hope that you are practically jumping at the thought of stocking up on some glassware staples you should have at home by now. Not only are they a step forward to discovering nuances of your favorite liquor that you might have missed thus far, consider them an investment for when your friends and family land on your doorstep for the next booze fest. No doubt, you would be ready with the glasses and trivia by then, but having those glasses with no alcohol hardly makes sense- and that’s where we come in. We provide free alcohol delivery so best believe your friends and family are not the only thing that can land right on your doorstep.

The next time a booze fest starts up and you need a specific alcohol to fill a specific cup, purchase them from us, wait on the delivery and enjoy your cellarbration.