Bacardi Superior White Rum

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Bacardi Superior White Rum is light and fresh, with a hint of spice. A medium-bodied rum with undertones of tropical fruit and vanilla spice on the aftertaste.

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Bacardi Superior White is the company's flagship rum that was first introduced in 1862. Don Facundo Bacardi, the founder of Bacardi, bought over the land in Cuba that would become the distillery that revolutionised the way the world consumed rum up to date.

Bacardi crafted its very own white rum, which established the benchmark for flavor and balance by being one of the firsts to use charcoal filtering and deliberate aging. The company has come a long way since, after being expelled from Cuba after the Cuban Revolution. The Cathedral of Rum is now located in Puerto Rico, retaining all of the distillation techniques that have made it the world's best-selling rum and the alcoholic beverage that every rapper and pop star deems the ultimate party drink.

Bacardi Superior White Rum is a floral and fruity rum with notes of orange flower, lavender, and rose, as well as apricot, lime, mild coconut, and ripe banana. Uniquely balanced and light tasting, it is great for cocktails as it does not dominate other flavors nor does it disappear when mixed. Perfect for classic rum cocktails like the Mojito. The undertones of the rum, which contribute tastes like citrus, coriander, and ginger, are responsible for this fantastic pairing. The highest-quality ingredients, including sugar cane and yeasts found exclusively in the Caribbean, are used for every batch of Bacardi Superior White to achieve these tastes.

Tasting Notes


Light, fresh and spicy


Medium-bodied with hints of sweet tropical fruit, and spice


Smooth with vanilla spice

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