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Are you looking for the best platforms that serve alcohol delivery services in Singapore? If yes, then you have landed on the correct website because, in this article, we have compiled a list of the 5 best alcohol delivery platforms in Singapore that can deliver wine, whiskey, or alcohol of any brand at just your doorstep.

Well, the pandemic has made alcohol delivery Singapore a new normal! Though there are multiple bars in Singapore that can offer you wine, whiskey, or beer whenever you want, but the comfort of getting one delivered at your doorstep is something that can make you groove. So, if you are hunting to stock up on your favorite beer, wine, or alcohol at home, then look further as we have got the list of best beer delivery Singapore services below!

Let’s have a look at the 5 Best Alcohol Delivery Services in Singapore.

Many of the Singapore bars are delivering pre-mixed cocktails and DIY cocktail kits at your doorstep, which is an excellent option if you are looking for a shot in the evening. So, here’s the list of best Wine Sale Singapore services to satisfy your cravings for alcohol!

1. Cellarbration

Cellarbration was launched in 2012, and since then, it has been the most recommended online and retail destination for the massive selection of beer, alcohol, and wine sale in Singapore. Cellarbration has earned remarkable growth in the alcohol industry with its top-notch online presence and a country-wide presence with 4 excellent retail locations in and around the main parts of Singapore. For most of the alcohol lovers, Cellarbration has become their most loved classic shop for liquor. If we talk about the online store of Cellarbration, then it will offer you with a plethora of hidden gems, including multiple varieties of spirits available. So, what are you waiting for? Browse Cellarbration’s online beer collection now and get your favorite beverage delivered to your doorstep.

Why Choose?

  • Great selection of alcohol

Tanqueary London Dry Gin

Tanqueray London Dry Gin


chivas regal mizunara

Chivas Regal Mizunara


johnnie walker blue label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label


bacardi white rum

Bacardi White Rum


jack daniels whiskey honey fire

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Honey & Fire


variety of beer & cider

Variety of Beer and Cider


  • Warehouse sales

  • Affordable prices


2. Paneco

Paneco Singapore is one of the world-renowned brands when it comes to alcohol. This brand was founded in 2015, and since then, it is a well-known player in the alcohol industry in Singapore. With its official website, this brand has now become one of the largest alcohol retailers not only in Singapore but in the wide world. By being one of the leading alcohol delivery Singapore platform, Paneco excels in offering a wide selection of alcoholic beverages that fits the taste of every alcohol lover. Whether you are hunting for premium scotch or commercial vodka, you will get everything here under one roof. So, if you are planning to have an alcoholic evening with your friends at home, then Paneco can be a great option to get your order delivered.

Why Choose?

  • A handful of beverages option
  • World-famous brand
  • Pocket-friendly prices

3. Jarbarlar

Jarbarlar is a homegrown brand of alcohol that is started by a group of alcohol enthusiasts. The main of its establishment is to offer Singapore alcohol lovers with new, delicious, and exciting alcoholic beverages from all around the world. The selection of Jarbarlar’s drinks is genuinely countless; thus, you will definitely found the one that you love. When it comes to alcohol delivery Singapore, Jarbarlar is professional enough to offer you the best quality alcohol at the most affordable prices. They are highly expertise and provide a hassle-free online alcohol shopping experience. In addition to this, your alcohol delivery is free with Jarbarlar if your order exceeds $50. It’s genuinely a worth-delivering place when you need a quick alcohol fix!

Why Choose?

  • Singapore’s homegrown brand
  • Free delivery above $50
  • Exciting alcohol selection


4. Winerack Singapore

Among all the other retailers included in the list, Winerack Singapore is one of the oldest online wine retailers established in 2007. Winerack Singapore is highly suggested for ordering alcohol at discounted rates. This alcohol retailer imports more than 90% of its beer, wine, whiskey from a small number of vineyards, thus guaranteeing affordability and quality. Winerack Singapore mainly focuses on a limited selection of the best wines and avoids the mass-produced wines that you can easily find on any other online store. So, if you are looking for low-cost alcohol delivery in Singapore, then look no further than Winerack Singapore, as they have got you covered with the most affordable prices.

Why Choose?

  • Established since years
  • Highly affordable
  • Excellent quality delivered at your doorstep


5. Wines n Spirits

If you are searching out for whiskey delivery Singapore, then Wines n Spirits is the best place for you to place your next whiskey order online. It is an online whiskey store that offers you excellent quality of wines and alcohol at wholesale prices in Singapore. With more than 10 years of the flawless experience, they have a strong foothold in the alcohol and wines industry as an appointed distributor or wholesaler for all the alcohol brands published in their e-store. The key customer base of Wines n Spirits involves the premium 5-star hotels, clubs, and prestigious F&B outlets. With an excellent team of experienced experts, you can always expect a high quality of alcohol delivery services delivered by them. So, pick up your phones and get a chilled whiskey delivered at your doorstep by Wines n Spirits.

Why Choose?

  • More than a decade of experience
  • Supplies excellently to hotels and restaurants
  • Premium alcohol store


Last Few Words

This ends off our list of the 5 best alcohol delivery services in Singapore. No matter which company you choose, all the above-mentioned alcohol companies will definitely offer you a seamless shopping experience when it comes to ordering alcohol online. If you purchase from any of the above-mentioned companies, then you are indeed in the right hands. So, without wasting much of your time, order your favorite alcohol now and get ready to spend a joyful evening with your friends in the comfort of your home.